• Network planning and consultancy services

    An effective technology plan must be tightly integrated with the strategic objectives and core business goals of a company. We have the proven experience and success to help companies define a technology plan that will achieve the desired linkage to your strategic and business plans.

    By understanding customer business philosophy, network requirements and the critical success factors of the enterprise, the professionals at Vericom can work with the key stake holders in your organization to:

    • Document the existing telecommunications infrastructure environment within your company.
    • Conduct an integrated strategic, business and technology assessment to ensure alignment with your corporate goals.
    • Develop technology plans to optimize your telecommunications expenditures.
    • Analyze technology outsourcing opportunities and strategies.
    • Conduct operational efficiency assessments to determine training requirements to leverage processes, procedures and technology.

    Technology alternatives and solutions are occurring at an ever increasing rate. The goal of the experienced professionals at Vericom is to help you develop a plan that is linked to your strategic objectives and business goals, enable greater operational efficiency in your business, and help you achieve the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your technology assets.

    Why Vericom

    We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively and our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes

    Complete and Comprehensive

    Our consulting process is complete and comprehensive. We'll inventory your current network technology and recommend the products that would work best for you. We'll provide you with a clear estimate that lays out a plan for your network's future and explains exactly how much it will cost. We'll analyze your budget to determine if it's on target, and we can even help you develop an RFP for your network installation project.

    Efficient and Affordable

    To top it all off, our consulting is also cost-effective. Our network experts work quickly and efficiently to minimize site visits and keep costs down. Plus, their sharp-eyed observations identify potential issues before they become problems down the road.

    With our network consulting services, you lay the foundation for your network installation project's success and gain a plan that is truly based on your business objectives

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