• Cloud and Hosted Services

    In today’s information age there is no longer a need for an organization investing their much needed capital expenditure in procurement of hardware and software to run their key business applications. The technology of cloud has empowered organizations to spend less by procuring infrastructure and software as a service in that they only need an internet or data connection to take advantage of platforms designed to support their business applications without the hassle of heavy expenses.

    We as Vericom provide these needed services by taking up the headache of setting up the needed environments to run business applications

    We work with our trusted partners to provide:

    • Cloud email which eliminates the need of mail servers/software/licensing
    • Infrastructure as a service where you only pay for the infrastructure that you use through a premium structure
    • Hosting and managed services where we take up the responsibility of setup, monitoring and management of your key infrastructure in our data centers allowing an organization to concentrate on its core business.
    • IT in a box services which provides our clients with a single full managed appliance that provides the key services such as email, Active directory, firewall, web server, VoIP and file server. This provide small to medium sized enterprises with a complete IT department delivered in a single box that is full managed without the headache of heavy investment.

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